What We Do

We work with several data centres across Europe and the Americas to source the best range of IPs, most stable network and the best hardware for your requirements. Combined with the expertise of our techs who have several years of experience in setting up the perfect mailing servers, with all necessary DNS records such as SPF, Domain Keys, rDNS and DKIM signing, along with processes such as whitelisting of IPs, setting up Feedback Loops etc, when you signup with us for your mailing requirements, you get the best mailing solution for the most competitive prices in the industry.

We configure the servers in such a way that they are compatible with any sort of mailer that is available in the market, starting from the basic desktop mailers to the most advanced web based mailing systems with list and campaign management features.

The Datacentres that we work with are fairly email friendly, and in the event of or clients receiving a false positive report of a mail sent by them being unsolicited, presumably by a member in their list not remembering signing up, our Datacentres or their ISPs will make sure that they don’t get shut down for it, but allow them what it takes to get in tough with the member who has reported and remove the report.

If our client is not very familiar with campaign management or list management, and if they think learning now would be hard work while they would prefer to focus on their business, we offer the necessary staffing with all necessary skills and training required to manage their campaigns and data for them and provide reports and results.!

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